A downloadable Speedrunner for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Want to speedrun through a course with obstacles and platforms to challenge yourself? Want to beat your best times? Then try Run to the End, a game where a course is procedurally generated for you so that you can quickly run through it to get to the goal. Run, jump, and dodge obstacles as you make your way to the goal post.

There are two courses to choose from. Try the Hill course with its platforms and mounds, or the Path course, which has a road to the finish. Don't think that will be easy, though. You'll have to run around flames, landmines, and fire breathing dragon statues in order to get to the end. When all that is said and done, you can save the course in order to try for your best time. The courses come with a code which can be shared with friends (No online features supported).

Only have a keyboard and mouse? No problem! Run to the End supports that. Would you like to use a controller? There's support for that, too!

Note: this game is still in development, so bugs and breaks are to be expected. Proudly made in the Godot engine.

Install instructions

Unpack the game to whichever folder you want. Then double-click on the executable in the folder to run it.


Run_to_the_end_v0.8.1_Linux.tar.xz 19 MB
Run_to_the_end_v0.8.1_macOS.zip 38 MB
Run_to_the_end_v0.8.1_windows.zip 25 MB

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